Fellow mamas will agree, getting through any day in white jeans without a stain is an accomplishment, let alone with a kiddo at your hip. Today was one of those days for me, and don’t mind if I do pat myself on the back for that.

White jeans are tricky. Finding the “perfect” pair is nearly impossible. In fact, I’m not sure the “perfect” pair actually exists. I think I can try on 10 pairs before I find one pair I’d be okay being seen in public in. There are a few things I liked about this pair I picked up from Nordstrom that made them totally worth it:

1) Fake front pockets! I’ve found in a lot of white jeans, the pockets show through the fabric and it’s so annoying, no?! 2) The stretch. I love a little (okay, a lotta) give in my jeans. These don’t even feel like jeans. 3) The distressed knees and cut off hem. This is so on trend right now and makes me feel edgy (even though I’m far from it). 4) The price tag. At $59, they won’t break the bank, and if Riley happens to get her sweet potatoes on them, I can always pick up another pair. I matched them with my favorite peplum top, sandals and totefor an easy put together look.

*Side note* Why is it so hard to get that orange stain out of clothes?! Fellow moms, if you have any tips, please leave in the comments below!

xo, Jennifer


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