Ruffle Sweater

Ruffle Sweater

Happy Tuesday!

Riley has entered the stage of screaming for no reason. It’s not a cry scream, it’s a stand there and belt out a high pitch scream for no reason. I assume this is out of frustration, but I also think she does it for fun, you know, just to mess with me. She will be 15 months in a couple of weeks, is this normal or is it just karma biting me in the a**?


T and I took Riley to the post office to get her passport photo taken since we will be traveling internationally in a couple of months. This little ham walked around smiling at everyone in line saying “hoo hoo” while carrying around an owl greeting card she found on display. (This kid, she cracks me up) Check my Insta stories for her passport pic, so freakin cute.

I’ve been waiting for a day like today to wear this adorable ruffle sweater (currently 40% off!). It’s incredibly soft and warm and I’m obsessed with the sleeve detail. I paired it with high waisted jeans since it’s a bit on the shorter side (size up if you want it a little longer).

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xo, Jenn


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