Oversized Cardigan

Oversized Cardigan

I apologize for the radio silence. I caught the stomach bug that has been making its rounds and it really hit me hard.  I finally (it was inevitable) got a taste of what its like to be sick with a baby. Not. fun. Thank goodness for an amazing Mom and husband who swooped in to watch little miss while I recovered.

I took R over to the children’s hospital to get some routine blood work. I was so nervous, for obvious reasons, so it was nice to have my Mom there for support. As soon as we checked in, the receptionists gave Riley a toy to (keep) play with. She was so excited and kept saying “ooooo” which cracked everyone up around her and lightened the mood. When they called us back, I propped Riley on my lap and distracted her while they drew the blood. Of course she cried (so did I), but I must say, girlfriend was a trooper! As soon as it was done, she stopped crying and said “bye bye” with a wave to the sweet nurse and we were on our way. She had a pretty pink bandaid she was eager to show Dada when we got home 😉


On chilly days like today, I love throwing on an oversized cardigan like this one, a pretty lace cami and jeans. Easy, chic and comfortable. I love this spice brown color. It’s so pretty matched with black. I plan on pairing it with a black tee, black skinnies and my black fedora for another look. (Stay tuned)

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